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OpenVex is an alternative firmware for Vex robotics controllers. It is the only well-documented and supported free programming system for Vex robotics controllers, and the only one that doesn't require Microsoft Windows.

The OpenVex firmware for Microchip PIC-based controllers can be built using either SDCC or Microchip's MCC18. SDCC (Small Device C Compiler) is a cross-platform compiler that runs on any POSIX-like system, including BSD, Cygwin, Linux, and Mac OS X (PowerPC or Intel). MCC18 is a commercial compiler from Microchip, the makers of the PIC processor used in some Vex controllers. MCC is for Windows-only, but works under wine on x86 Unix systems.

Vex ARM-based controllers such as the Vex Cortex controller are not yet supported.

For more information, visit the official project page.

[OpenVex on FreeBSD]