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PAPP - Portable Assembly Pre-Processor
xml-format - XML Beautifier
Diskimage Tools
Matlab Installer

Roboctl (formerly Legoctl)

Roboctl is a communication library plus command line tools for Lego and VEX robots. It is used to upload programs, check status, battery level, etc.

Roboctl is developed under FreeBSD and well tested on Mac OS X. It is available in the FreeBSD ports collection on all recent FreeBSD versions. I've also compiled it and done basic testing on Xubuntu, NetBSD, and Cygwin. See the README file for installation instructions.

A sample program called "nxtremote", for controlling the NXT using a PC joystick and the default firmware is now included in the source distribution.

AVI video of a Lego marble gatherer being driven with nxtremote over Bluetooth from a FreeBSD machine.