Be sure to thoroughly review the instructions in Section 2, “Practice Problem Instructions” before doing the practice problems below.
  1. What is ultimate the goal of scientific data management?

  2. When do we need to be concerned about the long-term storage of data?

  3. Who must devise a data management plan?

  4. Why is storage format an important consideration?

  5. How long must data be stored?

  6. Should data be made freely available?

  7. How do we ensure data safety?

  8. How much does it cost to store data?

  9. What is the safest and most convenient type of local storage hardware? Why?

  10. What is the least safe type of local storage hardware? Why?

  11. When using an HPC cluster, why not just leave our data on the cluster?

  12. Describe three possible ways to overcome the problem of transferring large amounts of data over a distance.