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Another Programmer's Editor

Another Programmer's Editor (APE)

APE is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for POSIX platforms. It's tty-based (non graphical), but utilizes advanced features of terminals such xterm to display color and graphical characters. APE can be configured to support compilation and syntax colorization of any language. It's also very small and fast, and can be used effectively over even the slowest connections with nothing more than a PuTTY or Terminal window.

[APE Screenshot]

APE was originally written in the early 1990s as closed-source, but free of charge for non-commercial use. Very little development has occurred since then, but stemming from the need for a POSIX development environment for NXC, I've begun to clean it up and modernize the code with the goal of making APE a viable open source product for FreeBSD and MacPorts. Patches for other POSIX platforms and ports/packages systems are appreciated.

APE depends on twintk (an alternative to curses), libbacon (a miscellaneous collection of very general functions, such as would be found in libc), and libpare (Pointer Array Regular Expression library).