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Auto-admin Tools

Auto-admin is a set of tools for automating common systems management tasks such as enabling/disabling services, tuning the system, installing software, etc.

There are two primary goals:

  • Provide a compatibility layer to help automate sysadmin tasks across multiple platforms.
  • Act as a knowledgebase for performing sysadmin tasks from the command-line.

Core design principals:

  • Complete portability: Our aim is to support any POSIX platform for which someone is willing to maintain platform-dependent code.
  • Zero dependencies: All scripts are written in POSIX Bourne shell and use only POSIX tools included with the base system.
  • Speed and Simplicity: Our efforts are focused on basic functionality, robustness, fast and easy setup and management. No fluff or lipstick, just simple, solid code to help you be productive.