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The Acadix Philosophy

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

This idea, often attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, is a rare find. Our world is awash in Rube Goldberg machines, designed to look impressive rather than help you succeed.

Engineering-types (like me) are notorious for their need to show off how clever they are, and this need is often fulfilled at great cost to their employers and clients. Customers are often taken in by fear of having too little computing power or going without some impressive-sounding feature that might come in handy someday, even if it's clearly unnecessary now. Most such fears are unfounded and vast amounts of time and money are wasted on overkill. Unnecessary complexity only leads to more problems and higher cost.

This situation is easily avoided by performing an accurate needs assessment before designing and implementing a solution. Needs assessments are unfortunately often corrupted by numerous factors including impatience, incompetence, fear, ego, or greed.

At Acadix, our first rule is "Keep It Simple, Stupid" (KISS). We aim to impress with elegance, not cleverness. The goal at Acadix is to keep systems as simple as possible in order to maximize reliability and minimize cost, while at the same time keeping the future in mind. In the quest for simplicity, we won't sacrifice scalability (the ability of your systems to grow with your needs).

Freedom of Choice

Many service firms will tell you that the key to success is a monoculture of one operating system and hardware vendor. Such inflexibility is often nothing more than a thin veil for their limited knowledge of alternatives, or arrangements with partner vendors that might exclude much better options for you.

While it is a good idea to limit the variety of systems in your computing infrastructure, there is no single operating system or vendor that that can meet every need. Acadix considers multiple operating systems, software tools, and hardware vendors for every solution.

For software development, Acadix adheres to the write-once-run-anywhere philosophy, and specializes in open-standard, cross-platform tools and languages. Open standard tools and languages vastly reduce the cost of software development, maximize the market for the product, and demonstrate respect for customers' freedom to use the platform of their choosing. Software developed by Acadix is guaranteed to run in any POSIX-compatible environment.


Acadix is a truly independent consulting firm, unbound by "partnerships" with specific hardware or software vendors. Acadix does not accept kickbacks from vendors for promoting products to our customers. The only factors influencing our recommendations are our customers' needs and our ability to support the product.

Quality of service before company growth

Company growth and maximizing profit are not primary goals at Acadix. As a family-owned business, Acadix has no obligation to investors, and can instead focus on satisfying customer needs. The Acadix ideal is providing solid, honest service, from which customer loyalty and financial success will naturally follow.


While it isn't feasible for most customers to understand all the details of their computer infrastructure, one of the goals at Acadix is to keep customers well informed. We're happy to answer your questions and explain how it all works, to whatever extent you want to know.