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Software Development

This section documents software developed by Acadix and possibly other related open source projects. Most software described on this page is provided free of charge on an as-is basis, with no warranty of any kind. See the individual software licenses in each package for more information.

Many of these software packages can be installed using FreeBSD ports, MacPorts, and/or pkgsrc, a cross-platform package manager from the NetBSD project, which is devoted to the development of portable POSIX software. As a result, pkgsrc also works well on Linux and most other POSIX platforms.

Acadix aims to develop software that's simple, reliable, portable, and fast. Many developers, in contrast, will try to impress you with unnecessary features and tell you that you need a specific operating system and expensive hardware to run it.

Our goal is to minimize hardware and software requirements for all code we develop, so you can run it on your existing hardware using whatever POSIX operating system you choose. We also aim to make it "just work". No need to launch containers or virtual machines. Our computational code is written mainly in C for maximum speed and minimum memory use. Other tools are written in POSIX Bourne shell using standard POSIX tools and possibly other open standard scripting languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, R, etc.